I am Daniel “Danny” Horvat. First licensed in 1981 as a member of Amateur Radio Club “Sarajevo” – YU4ALM and was holding YU4WFT and 4N4CX call signs until 1992. I was also a proud member of the Electro-Technical University Radio Club “ETF” YU4EXA also known as the YZ4Z contest club.  

In 1993 became a T93M and thanks to luck and Ham Radio survived the 43 months (1425 days) siege of Sarajevo, the longest siege in history. 

 In 1997 I moved to the Boston area and later to New Hampshire where I got the job at Cushcraft Corporation. I was lucky to be an Amateur Radio operator and work on many amateur and commercial projects.

As a design engineer, I designed a couple of world-known amateur antennas: MA5B, R6000, R8, X7, Navassa-5…etc.

See my newest antenna designs at  website www.MyAntennas.com

  • Stations and call signs I have used: 4N4EXA, 4N9OLY, DL/T93M, E72NATO, E73MMM, FG/T93M, FM/T93M, HB0/T93M, KP2/N4EXA, PJ4/T93M, PJ4J, T93M/HI9, T9A, T9DX, TO3M, YU4ALM, YU4JHI, YU4EXA, YU4ETF, YZ4Z, YZ4M
  • I was guest op at: A61AJ, FG5BG, FM5BH, KC1YR(@AA1ON), KC1XX, K1CA, K1VR, N4TO, N4WW,  W1CW (also W1YL/K4OJ)